Before discussing  Sports Nutrition we should know about Sports Nutrition. At its most basic level, Sports Nutrition is the practice of ingesting nutrients in the correct amounts at a specific time to improve exercise or sports performance.

But while improving sports performance is a goal for some, many individuals are not competitive in their activities but rather are concerned with improving their body composition 5000 times, or maximum bench press, for example, an intriguing aspect of Sports Nutrition is that the same principles apply to the elite athlete as to the individual who has hired a Personal Trainer in a Gym for the first time. Whether you are a professional sportsperson or a general exercise enthusiast, nutrition is the fundamental key to fitness. You might be one of those pounding away in the gym day in and day out, but not getting the desired results. Perhaps your nutrition is to blame. The right nutrition practices are extremely important to get the optimum out of your workouts. That’s why there’s a saying “Abs are made in the kitchen” Proper Sports Nutrition can make a vast difference to how your body responds to the training itself and how you perform in your sports.