Meaning of Dietary Supplements its role in improving health and importance in bodybuilding, fitness and fat loss :

Dietary Supplements are natural, botanical and man made nutrients found in a powder, capsule or liquid form which helps to compensate the dietary needs of a person. Now a days due to the reason of huge amount of crop nutrient loss dietary supplements has already become an integral  part of our nutrition plan. Whether a person wants  to lose fat or gain muscle or for general health reasons, intake of dietary supplement has become a daily routine.

Tips for How to identify fake dietary supplements?

Fake bodybuilding supplements products in India are on the rise these days. Its a major concern for all of us because its not only money wasted, but it also puts our health at risk. It is estimated that more than 60% of supplements sold in India are fake. We suggest that you buy bodybuilding protein supplement from genuine dealers of reputed brands. You can also bodybuilding supplements online  from trusted websites.

Rule # 1 Check the Seal
Rule No 1 is to check the seal properly. If there is no seal, then its definitely fake! If the seal is there then on close observation we can make out the difference between original and fake

a) The seal on the inner side of the lid should be checked carefully, The duplicate ones are loosely attached and are of poor quality.

b) Actual seal on the bottle should have proper edges and should be uniformly attached. It should not be open or loose from any side.

c) Seal usually have a name of the brand endorsed on it, If the seal is plain and of low quality then its probably fake.

Rule # 2 Hologram / Logo
Rule no 2 is to check the logo of the brand and hologram, Most of the popular brand have a hologram mark which is difficult to forge.
Below is an example of Hologram on Optimum Nutrition brand.

Examples of fake Logo of Optimum Nutrition

Rule # 3 MRP Sticker
Another easy way to detect fake is to check the MRP Sticker, Fake product usually paste another sticker for the MRP on the container. The Sticker on the genuine products are as shown below.

Rule # 4 LOT No Verification

We can verify genuine product by looking at the LOT No, Some companies provide online service to validate LOT no of their product. For others you can call the customer care and confirm the lot no of bodybuilding supplements. Fake Supplements will have invalid LOT No.