Jobs and Placement at Universal Fitness Training Academy

At Universal Fitness Training Academy (UFTA), our commitment extends beyond education – we are dedicated to fostering successful careers for our students. Through strategic partnerships, comprehensive training programs, and a robust placement assistance system, we empower our graduates to thrive in the dynamic field of fitness and sports sciences.

Key Highlights:

  • 1. 100% Placement Assistance: UFTA takes pride in providing 100% placement assistance to its qualified graduates, ensuring a smooth transition from education to employment.
  • 2. Industry Connections: Benefit from our strong network of connections with leading fitness organizations, gyms, health clubs, sports academies, and high-performance centers.
  • 3. Strategic Alliances: UFTA has forged strategic alliances with major government bodies like the Sports Authority of India, Khelo India Centers of Excellence, and various private fitness establishments.
  • 4. Corporate Collaborations: Our partnerships with renowned fitness brands and corporate entities open doors for our graduates to explore diverse career opportunities.
  • 5. Regular Job Drives: UFTA organizes regular job drives and recruitment events, providing a platform for students to connect with potential employers directly.
  • 6. Internship Opportunities: Avail internship opportunities during the course to gain practical experience, enhancing your employability upon graduation.
  • 7. Dedicated Placement Cell: Our dedicated placement cell works tirelessly to match the skills and aspirations of our students with the requirements of prospective employers.
  • 8. Career Guidance: Receive personalized career guidance from experienced mentors and industry experts, helping you make informed decisions about your professional journey.
  • 9. Global Opportunities: Explore global job opportunities with certifications recognized internationally, opening avenues beyond national borders.
  • 10. Skill Enhancement Workshops: Participate in skill enhancement workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts to stay updated on the latest trends and requirements.


Placement Process:

  • 1. Resume Building: Craft a professional resume highlighting your skills, education, and certifications under the guidance of our placement cell.
  • 2. Interview Preparation: Benefit from interview preparation sessions, including mock interviews and feedback, to enhance your confidence and performance.
  • 3. Job Notifications: Stay informed about relevant job openings through regular notifications and updates from our placement cell.
  • 4. Placement Drives: Attend exclusive placement drives organized by UFTA, featuring renowned recruiters seeking skilled fitness professionals.
  • 5. Continuous Support: Our support doesn’t end with placement – we provide continuous assistance and mentorship as you embark on your career journey.


At UFTA, we take pride in shaping not just qualified fitness professionals but successful individuals with rewarding careers. Join us, and let your passion for fitness turn into a fulfilling and prosperous profession.