The Sports & Exercise Nutrition Certification Course provided by UNIVERSAL FITNESS TRAINING ACADEMY, is specially designed to help qualified Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Gym Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors to obtain the knowledge required to advise diets to active individuals who works out in the gym regularly, apparently healthy individuals and competitive athletes.


This Sports Nutrition Certification Course provides in depth knowledge on Food selection, Macro Nutrient ratios, Micro nutrient importance and functions in the body and proper use of  Dietary Supplements for achieving various Fitness Goals like Fat Lose, Bodybuilding, Body Sculpting, Lean Muscle gain, Maximum Strength, Performance Enhancement in Sports and Health and Fitness benefits.

One of the most important things to remember is that this Sports Nutrition Certification Course doesn’t qualify one to be a Dietitian by profession, but the trainers will definitely benefit when they will guide their clients not only on exercise but also with regards to diet. This will immensely improve the results of the workouts prescribed by the Trainer.

Sports Nutrition is not Medical nutrition Therapy, however UFTA makes it sure that his or her practice of Sports Nutrition is within the law of particular state or country. The syllabus for the Certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist Level – I is the following:

  • Introduction to Sports & Exercise Nutrition
  • Macro & micro nutrients
  • Nutrition timings
  • RDA of nutritients for Bodybuilders, athletes, fitness, obesity, general fitness and health

Body Composition

  • BMR
  • Theory of Scientific Fatloss & Muscle gain
  • Water and its importance in sports and fitness
  • Dietary supplements and health
  • Pre/post-workout nutrition
  • Myths about supplementation
  • Ergogenic & Thermogenic aids
  • Dietary counseling techniques
  • Common information and FAQ’S about Supplements