At Universal Fitness Training Academy, we prioritize the continuous professional development of our students to ensure they stay abreast of the latest trends and scientific advancements in the ever-evolving fitness industry. It is mandatory for all our certified Personal Trainers to renew their certifications annually by participating in the examinations and workshops organized by the Academy.

Key Points

  • 1. Stay Updated: Renewing your certification helps you stay informed about the latest industry trends, techniques, and scientific developments.
  • 2. Enhance Knowledge: Participate in workshops to enhance your knowledge and practical skills, ensuring you remain a competent and informed fitness professional.
  • 3. Maintain Relevance: The fitness industry is dynamic; renewal ensures that your skills and knowledge remain relevant in a competitive market.
  • 4. Professional Growth: Renewal reflects your commitment to professional growth and dedication to providing high-quality fitness services.
  • 5. Examination Process: The renewal process involves examinations that assess your understanding of new methodologies and industry best practices.
  • 6. Workshops and Seminars: Attend workshops and seminars organized by UFTA to gain insights from industry experts and stay connected with the fitness community.
  • 7. Contact Information:
    Call: 9864047046 / 9864026682

Stay current, stay competent, and continue to excel in your fitness career with UFTA’s commitment to your ongoing education and success.