1. To create awareness among the people especially amongst the young generation so that one can make a full-time career in Fitness for their livelihood.
  2. To make people understand that to become a Fitness Trainer or a Personal Trainer education in Exercise Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition is very important, moreover, training in CPR & AED is also very important to save a person’s life during an emergency such as heart attack.
  3. Standardization of the Fitness Industry according to the international standards set by the IICREP, NSCA, ACSM & ISSN, encouraging Scientific Protocol of Fitness Training in gyms and health clubs.
  4. To facilitate communication, conduct and arrange regular scientific meetings, seminars, workshops, conference, orientation/refresher course among persons actively engaged in Fitness Training, Education and research of Health & Exercise Science, and Sports & Exercise Nutrition to upgrade their knowledge.
  5. To preserve and improve the health of the people of the region especially the youth through Physical Fitness.
  6. To educate people of all ages, about the health benefits of physical activity and the science of Fitness Training.
  7. To develop a safe and effective fitness program for a special population (which includes physically challenged, children, senior citizens, and diseased people) as defined by ACSM, the world’s largest exercise science organization.
  8. To provide a unique opportunity to meet the preventive health care needs of the nation by offering Evidence-Based Exercise Science, Fitness, Sports & Exercise Nutrition Services.
  9. To facilitate communication and arrange scientific meetings, seminar workshops, conference, orientation/refresher course among persons actively engaged in teaching and research of Health & Exercise Science etc in several parts of the North East Region.
  10. To disseminate the result of the latest research in the field of Health & Fitness to the common people, health & fitness professionals.
  11. To collect, compile & publish material on topics related to health & physical fitness & related fields.
  12. To assist various organizations in strengthening health & fitness services provided in gyms, health clubs, schools & colleges.
  13. Fitness Education should be provided in schools and colleges to make the young generation aware of the benefits of Fitness to lead a healthy life free from getting addicted towards any bad habits.
  14. To bring Healthy Environment, Create a Fit & Healthy Culture.
  15. To improve a broad mass base for different Health, Fitness & Sports activities.
  16. To work for the formation of NEPFTA in various parts of the North-eastern Region.
  17. To match the standard of Fitness Education with the American & European countries worldwide.
  18. To work for the rights of Fitness Education Providers and Trainers & to update their knowledge by conducting various technical seminars & workshops on the latest research finding in the field of Exercise Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition and Fitness Education to create more job opportunities in the growing Fitness Industry.