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Welcome to USSC, the one and only clinic in the entire North-east Region which is fully dedicated to Fitness, Performance Enhancement of Sports Persons, Fat Loss, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Body Transformation, Sports Specific Functional Training, and Sports Nutrition Counseling started in the year 2014 on December The Clinic  was started  by none other than  Bibhu Moni Singha (Fitness Expert & Sports Nutritionist) for providing scientific solutions to the people for achieving their  individual Fitness Goals, such as Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain for Bodybuilding Purposes, Maximum Strength Gains  for Powerlifting and Strength related Sports, Body Transformation for Lean Look and Body Sculpting for participating in Physique Contests, by prescribing  them with evidence-based scientifically structured Workout and Sports Nutrition Program. The Clinic is in the same premises of the Universal Fitness Training Academy (UFTA) at Hengerabari, Guwahati.




To provide you with high-quality professional services and information based on current scientific research in the field of Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. We are 100 % committed to helping you achieve your Dream Physique in a very safe and effective manner. We are so confident of the services that we offer 100% Guaranteed Results!


Please come and join us! And experience the difference.


A completely scientific approach to Health, Fitness, and Nutrition…


Our services include-




It is a scientific way of assessing your overall Fitness Levels with our most up to date latest and advanced technology and equipment. These tests will help us to design a Customized workout program for your individual Fitness goals. Based on the parameters of these tests one can either aim for Fat loss for Weight Reduction in Overweight individuals, building Maximum Muscle Mass, Size & Strength for Bodybuilding purposes or for Body Sculpting for a Physique or Figure Contest or Body Transformation Program for gaining a hard and chiseled body. After doing all these tests our Fitness Expert and Sports Nutritionist will prescribe a scientifically designed workout and nutrition program tailored to one’s individual capabilities or needs.




It is a unique scientific method of the training program in which we conduct a series of tests to our clients who come to us for fat loss and lean muscle gain for achieving a perfectly sculpted and defined body. The tests include Metabolic Testing which helps us to identify whether a client is having any metabolic syndrome, for that estimation of RMR & REE is done to analyze the number of calories the body needs and burns at rest, which helps us to design a perfect scientifically structured Diet Program based on individual energy requirements. Secondly, Body Composition Test is done to check the ratio of fat and lean muscle, which will give the idea of an individual whether he or she is obese or lean. Thirdly Spirometry Test is done to check whether an individual is suffering from any respiratory disorders because it can hamper to perform in any Fitness Test and can cause Exercise-induced Asthma to the client. Fourthly, VO2 Max Fitness Testing or The maximal Oxygen Consumption Test is done to find out the exact intensity of exercise at which you can burn fat stored in the body primarily during a workout program. Using the result from all the tests our Fitness Expert will train the clients scientifically, knowing exactly at what intensity, we need to train in order to achieve their Fitness Goal whether it’s Fat Loss, improved cardiovascular Endurance, decreasing body fat or running a faster 20 kilometers race. Finally, a perfectly tailored individualized Exercise Plan is prescribed by our Fitness Expert & Sports Nutritionist for Faster Results.




For those people wanting to Build Big Muscles, we use Real Science to Design Real Workout Programs for gainingUnbelievable Results, not some useless junk information over the internet. How does it work? The answer to this question is that Bibhu Moni Singha who is a Certified Master Professional Personal Trainer (CMPPT) of International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB), has used 24 years of his practical experience in the field of Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Sports Nutrition while training his clients and students in Gyms. Moreover, his passion for Fitness and Bodybuilding experience, helping other like-minded individuals achieve their Fitness goals along with his own, that’s why he also started a website- dedicated to Bodybuilding, Fitness & Sports Nutrition for the first time in North-east Region to help all the people. He has always taken great pride in being able to bring his continuous education, knowledge, development of new training techniques, scientific training techniques and facts on Sports Nutrition to his loyal students, clients, friends and well-wishers.


We also do detailed Kinesiological & Biomechanical analysis of all the Strength and Bodybuilding Exercises, and optimal Muscle Testing of various muscle groups with a Digital Muscle Tester for accurate results, for Maximum Growth and Development.


You will also get the following common answers and solutions to all your Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sports Nutrition related queries like –


How many sets of exercise to do for maximum muscle growth?


How many reps to do for burning body fat during strength training?


What type of exercise to do for building massive biceps?


Do I have to train daily for gaining size and strength?


The list is endless to know more about exercise please come and meet us.




To increase performance in sports we do Kinesiological & Biomechanical analysis of various sports discipline through our integrated software technology and various other modes. This type of analysis helps to enhance and maximize technique and sports performance and also to identify mechanical and muscular weakness for any kind of injuries in sports. You will get solutions to your questions like-


How to run faster?


How to jump higher?


How to build maximum stamina?


How to improve your agility and skills while playing Tennis? etc




We also provide Specialized & Individualized Sports Specific Functional Training & Conditioning Programs to sportspersons & athletes from different disciplines such as Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Boxing, Powerlifting, and Weightlifting to enhance the performance in their respective sports.




We also have a state of the art Human Performance Testing Center where the athletes can test their maximum strength, power, speed, agility, and balance and coordination levels. These tests help to design an optimal workout program for maximum fitness development in sports.




We also provide Sports Injury Rehabilitation facilities in our clinic under the expert guidance of our qualified Sports Physiotherapist, using various modes of treatment available.


At USSC, we additionally provide the following services related to Sports nutrition-


Body composition test to analyze fat percentage in athletes.


RMR & REE test


Anthropometric measurements


Pre-workout meal plan


Post-workout meal plan


Testing before and after dietary intervention


Advise on proper Dietary Supplement intake


Ergogenic Aids.